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September 28, 2012

And here it goes again
Same old story that keeps coming back to you
You find it hurt again
In the name of love that somehow you believe

I want to make you feel this way
There’s no one understand you as much as I do
I want to make you realize
He doesn’t deserve what you give…

I want you to hear
These sincere linger voices calling out your name
Because every half of me is you

Here I am all the time
You just have to call me when you’re down and out
Don’t ever feel alone
I’ll be there to catch you everytime you fall



September 25, 2012

Dan kita pun mengalir kembali
Dua deras sungai yang terbelah takdir
Dan kata pun berenang kembali
Menuju samar nada yang memanggil di hilir


September 24, 2012

And finally I know why you feel like letting go….


September 24, 2012

There were countless stories when we’re together, life seems so complete
The time I spent with you, through all ups and downs, I thought it’s worth it

Bridge :
These tears is all what’s left when it’s all over
You never intend to stay (here) forever

Reff :
Oh I never realize
Fate would take me by surprise
I was flying next to you
Now I’m falling without you
No, I never realize
All your promises were lies
I was flying next to you
Now I’m falling without you


September 18, 2012

Saat mimpiku luluh lantak
Dan semua terasa tak berpihak
Aku mencoba untuk berpaling
Melenggang sebagai sosok asing

Meninggalkan kisah yang terlalu indah….

Namun kenangan tak sepenuhnya tercerabut
Dalam sepi bayangmu kerap memagut
Mendendangkan serpihan-serpihan lagu
Pengiring langkahku yg tertatih ragu

Aku terus berjalan tanpa peduli arah…..


September 1, 2012

She was a huge fiery comet that fell upon my grave

She was the embodiment of everything I crave